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Veterinary Stockton

When you arrive at Veterinary Stockton, you can expect quality care for your pet. You will be welcomed by our friendly staff who will check you in. We will do our best to accommodate you and bring your pet into an examination room for the initial assessment. We strive to ensure all of our patients are seen immediately. If needed, we will also coordinate with your pet's insurance directly.

Once checked in, one of our caring staff will assist you in the examination room and weigh your pet. A veterinarian will then attend to you, get necessary information about your pet's health, check your pet, answer any queries or concerns you may have. Should further diagnostics or treatments are needed, you and our vet can discuss it. All tests and treatments are done in one of our treatment rooms.

After the consultation, you will proceed to the reception area for billing and future follow-up check-up schedules. We at Veterinary Stockton CA are all compassionate animal lovers here to support and care for you and your pet. We are committed to ensuring that all our patients get the treatment they deserve.

Vet Stockton CA offer the accompanying administrations to keep your pets safe and sound:


Our yearly examinations are significant in keeping up with your pet's health and pre-existing conditions.

Nutritional Counselling

Veterinary Stockton CA can help prepare proper pet nourishment and diet regimen to control/prevent infections. This plan can help make your pets live longer, stay healthier, and happy.

Medical procedure

We offer a wide range of primary and minor medical procedures, including spaying and neutering.


Immunizations are vital to helping prevent pet diseases, helping you avoid costly treatment for preventable animal ailments.


We offer a same-day diagnosis to your pet via our in-house laboratory diagnostic centers, such as a urinalysis, bloodwork, cytology, and various diagnostic services. And we only use state of the art digital radiography.

Dental Services

Dental attention is essential. We offer home-care and professional dental cleanings to keep your pet's teeth healthy.


We are glad to offer different grooming services to keep your pet looking and feeling good.


You can take your dogs to our facility, or we can give you a pet sitter who will stay at your home to care for your pets when you are away.

24-hour Emergency Service

We provide 24-hour emergency service if your pet becomes ill or injured outside our regular business hours. Just give us a call, and our veterinarians will attend to you as soon as possible.

Veterinary Stockton

Your pets are members of your family, and family is vital for you; that is why you sought our help. The giggles you share, the time you spend with each other, and all the love and affection being shared around are extremely valuable. When you love a pet the way that you do, you only consider the best treatment option for them. Keep your pets comfortable and happy, and let us assist you in keeping them that way.

Why Choose Us:

If you are new to our growing family, booking an appointment beforehand will help us accommodate you on time, but walk-ins are also welcome. Our doors are open 24/7 for emergencies.

Contact Veterinary Stockton CA for a free appointment.