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Emergency Vet Stockton, CA

Emergency Vet Stockton, Ca made a list of why you should consider emergency vet services.

  1. 1. Poisoning

    Poisoning is a common reason pets have to be brought to the emergency vet. Your pet may eat a toxic substance such as chocolates, grapes, household chemicals, rodent bait, human medications, some kinds of plants, and more, while you turn your back. You should bring your pet to a 24-hour Vet in Stockton, CA, as soon as you found out it has ingested a poisonous substance. If it is figured out that your pet was poisoned within the first few hours, the veterinarian may induce vomiting to lessen the amount of toxic substance absorbed.

  2. 2. Vomiting/Diarrhea

    One of the signs of an underlying condition is vomiting or passing loose stools. If your pet has been vomiting or passing loose stools, it should see an emergency vet immediately because it might be a life-threatening cause. Your pet has vomiting or diarrhea for some reasons such as

    • Foreign body gastrointestinal obstruction
    • Dietary indiscretion
    • Intestinal parasites
    • Toxin ingestion
    • Parvovirus
    • Kidney or liver disease
    • Addison’s disease
    • Pancreatitis
  3. 3. Traumatic Injuries

    The road is dangerous for dogs and cats. Car accidents are just one of the reasons why many pets visit the emergency vet Stockton. You should be careful when moving your pet after being hit by a car because there might be internal damage that could be worsened if not adequately handled. You should also give prompt attention to trauma from falls and bites.

  4. 4. Breathing Issues

    Some breathing issues can be minor, but some can be life-threatening. If there are any concerning changes in your pet’s breathing, it should be assessed by a veterinarian right away. Difficulty in breathing can be caused by heart illness, pneumonia, asthma, fluid around the lungs, or an obstruction of the upper airway. Bring your pet to an emergency veterinarian right away if you notice your pet coughs, breathing rapidly, has abnormal gum or tongue color, or stretching their head and neck out to breathe.

  5. 5. Neurological Problems

    If your pet shows the following symptoms;

    • Disorientation
    • severe lethargy
    • lapses into a coma
    • Unresponsiveness
    • has a seizure
    • Or is walking in circles

    You should immediately bring your pet to an emergency vet. You must not delay in seeking emergency vet services in the situation.

  6. 6. Obstruction in Urinary Tract

    This emergency for pets Stockton, CA, is typically seen with male cats because of their long and narrow urethra. Cats who are indoor and overweight that are exclusively fed dry food are at a higher risk. If you notice the following symptoms, bring your cat to Emergency Vet in Stockton immediately:

    • Vomiting
    • Straining to urinate
    • Excessive grooming of the urogenital area
    • Going in and out of the litter box
    • Lethargy or restlessness
    • Vocalization while in the litter box

    This condition can be life-threatening; therefore, seek emergency services right away.

Emergency Vet Stockton, CA, is ready to serve you in any case of emergency. We know how important your pet life is. We promise to take care of your pet to allow them to live longer and healthier.

Contact us at (209)-374-2350 in case of emergency. Our line is open 24/7 to serve you.