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Give Your Pet The Best and Expert Care with Emergency Vet Stockton

In case of an emergency, you can call ahead or go straight to the clinic. Rest assured that our staff will take care of your pet, and treatment will be done if necessary. Whether it's illness or injury, we will provide care for any level of a pet emergency. We also make sure that while performing the treatment, your pet must feel comfortable and calm.

The Common Animal Emergencies in Which Your Pet Needs Instant Treatment

If you have a concern or are not sure if your pet's behavior or condition needs instant attention, we urge you to call us and speak with our staff or veterinarians at any time. Let us help you put your mind at ease by giving your proper pet care. Below are some cases in which you need to contact us immediately, especially when you are uncertain about your pet's condition.

Emergency Vet Stockton CA dog getting check up

What Will We Do During Emergencies?

Whenever your pets show signs and symptoms like those mentioned above, do not hesitate to bring them to us. Our clinic is open 24/7, especially for emergencies. Our staff will perform various diagnostics that are critical to help save your pet’s life. In case your pet has been met with an accident, no matter if it is a broken bone or other serious injuries, our doctors and nurses will not stop until your pet is out of danger.

All of our treatments are done in the gentlest manner, so your pet will not feel unnecessary fear and discomfort.

Contact us today, and we will assist you with the best possible care for your pet, even during emergencies. Contact Vet Stockton CA today!