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We truly understand how essential is your pet’s wellness. The wellbeing of your pet is critical to us in Animal Wellness Stockton. Our goal is to provide you the best services to ensure your pet is in good condition. We offer complete wellness care and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to give you a fast and accurate diagnose, and prevent, treat, and monitor any medical condition. At Animal Wellness Center Stockton, it is our responsibility to help you learn the best and proper way to keep your pet healthy.

We give importance to your input, as a pet owner, as we assess the appropriate course for your pet. Sharing your information will help you make informed decisions about which course is the best for your best friend.

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At Animal Wellness Center Stockton, we will help you understand:


An annual wellness visit is vital for pet wellness in Stockton. It is a yearly appointment with your vet to create or update a prevention plan for your pet. Animal Wellness Center Stockton professionals will create a personalized plan to help your pet prevent diseases according to your pet’s current health and risk factors.

At this appointment, our vets conduct various test and assessment for the following:

Our vet will review your pet’s medical history, if he has any, to give a clear picture of his health. The information from this visit will be kept for future reference.

Aside from the physical test, your vet will conduct other tests to help ensure long-term wellness. The following are tests that our vet may perform.

And if your vet detects potential health conditions, additional tests are required.

Most of these tests are available on-site for quick and precise diagnosis and begin the treatment right away.

We also have a certified veterinary laboratory for more complicated testing. Our techs are experts who are certified specialists in pathology, hematology, internal medicine, and radiology.

We have specialists in internal medicine, cardiology, and surgery to provide you a fast and efficient diagnosis and treatment. We only want to ensure your pet wellness.

To help ensure we are all on the right track from the start, we created pet wellness plan packages. These packages help us determine what we should tackle to keep your pet healthy and keep you from spending a lot as well. We know that each animal has different needs, and our vets will discuss the best options to keep your beloved best friend healthy and happy.

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Among all the pet wellness center in Stockton, Animal Wellness Center Stockton has the best services offered for your pet wellness in Stockton. We are equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art equipment. Our team is composed of professionals and skilled veterinarians, veterinary techs, and support staff so that we can handle all the aspects of your pet’s wellness.

Call us at (209)-374-2350 or fill out our short form for more queries.

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You can visit our clinic at 7554 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207, USA. We open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.